Implementation of the New Model Code of Meeting Practice

Decision Maker: Council

Decision status: Recommendations Determined


Moved by Councillor Chung, seconded by Councillor Forster –

It is resolved that:

(A)        Council note:

(i)          on 16 November 2018, the NSW Government released the new Model Code of Meeting Practice for Local Councils; and

(ii)         the Model Meeting Code has been released prior to prescription to provide Councils the opportunity to familiarise and set adjustments accordingly;

(B)        the Chief Executive Officer be requested to review the new Model Code of Meeting Practice and prepare a draft to be presented at the first Council meeting after the Code has been prescribed with a recommendation to proceed to public consultation; and

(C)       the Model Code of Meeting Practice be brought back to Council for adoption and implementation, following the public consultation period.

Amendment. Moved by Councillor Kok, seconded by Councillor Miller –

It is resolved that Council note:

(A)        a new Model Code of Meeting Practice was released in November 2018 so local councils could familiarise themselves with it; and

(B)        the Office of Local Government issued a circular on 16 November 2018 providing the following information about the new Model Code:

(i)          the Code has not yet been prescribed by the Local Government (General) Regulation 2005;

(ii)         councils and joint organisations will be advised by circular from Office of Local Government when the Model Code is prescribed;

(iii)        the Office of Local Government will provide more detailed guidance to councils once the new Model Code is prescribed – including transitional arrangements applying to its adoption;

(iv)       as a general rule, councils should endeavour to adopt a code of meeting practice based on the Model Code within six months of its prescription; and

(v)         before adopting a new code of meeting practice, councils will still be required to exhibit a draft of the code of meeting practice for at least 28 days and provide members of the community at least 42 days to make comment.

The amendment was carried on the following show of hands –

Ayes (6)               The Chair (the Lord Mayor), Councillors Kok, Miller, Scott, Scully and Thalis

Noes (4)              Councillors Chung, Forster, Phelps and Vithoulkas.

Amendment carried.

The substantive motion was carried on the following show of hands –

Ayes (9)          The Lord Mayor, Councillors Chung, Kok, Miller, Phelps, Scott, Scully, Thalis and Vithoulkas

Noes (1)          Councillor Forster.

Substantive motion carried.


Report author: Erin Cashman

Publication date: 10/12/2018

Date of decision: 10/12/2018

Decided at meeting: 10/12/2018 - Council

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