Other Authorities - Parking - Loading Zone and Ticket Parking - Hunter Street, Sydney

21/02/2019 - Other Authorities - Parking - Loading Zone and Ticket Parking - Hunter Street, Sydney



It is recommended that the Committee endorse the reallocation of parking on the southern side of Hunter Street, Sydney between the points 19.7 metres and 48 metres (five car spaces) west of Pitt Street as "Loading Zone Ticket 6am-8pm Mon-Fri 6am-10am Sat" and "4P Ticket 8pm-12am Mon-Fri 10am-10pm Sat 8am-10pm Sun & Public Holidays".

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City of Sydney



Roads and Maritime Services



NSW Police – Sydney City PAC



Representative for the Member for Sydney





The Committee carried the recommendation unanimously.


On 19 December 2013, the NSW Government adopted the Sydney City Centre Access Strategy (Access Strategy). The Access Strategy will deliver a fully integrated transport network in Sydney’s City Centre that puts the customer first and meets the growing transport task. It will mean more people use public transport to access the City Centre and it will change the way people move around within it.

The Access Strategy considers all transport modes and demonstrates how light rail, buses, trains, ferries, cars, taxis, pedestrians and cyclists will interact in the heart of Sydney. The Access Strategy also provides a clear direction for how all the different transport modes will work together in the Sydney CBD to reduce congestion, provide for future growth and improve the customer experience.

As additional commercial, retail and residential floor space is constructed in and near central Sydney, and new precincts are developed, there will be increasing demands on the available kerbside space in the CBD. The consistent management and allocation of kerbside space will ensure the street network can accommodate critical business and local needs, while maintaining the efficient operation of the broader public and private transport networks.