Off-Street Parking Provisions in the CBD

11/03/2019 - Off-Street Parking Provisions in the CBD

Moved by Councillor Forster, seconded by Councillor Chung –

It is resolved that:

(A)      Council note:

(i)         approximately $5 billion worth of construction projects are currently underway in the Sydney CBD with a further $3.1 billion of approved works still to commence and scheduled for completion by 2025;

(ii)        the State Government’s $12.5 billion Sydney Metro - City and Southwest project extends Metro services from the city's north west on a new 30-kilometre Metro line from Chatswood under Sydney Harbour, through three new CBD stations and southwest to Bankstown;

(iii)      the three new CBD metro stations will be located at Barangaroo, Martin Place and Pitt Street, with construction already having commenced at Martin Place and Pitt Street, and tunnel boring activities set to commence at Barangaroo in the coming months;

(iv)      prior to the announcement of the Sydney Metro and in specific relation to parking in the CBD, Transport for NSW's Sydney City Centre Access Strategy, released in December 2013, identified the need to address parking pressures arising from traffic prioritisation, bus lanes, light rail and cycleways;

(v)       furthermore, the strategy stated that on-street parking would be reduced on Castlereagh Street, Liverpool Street, Park Street, College Street and Elizabeth Street, all streets impacted by Sydney Metro construction;

(vi)      the City of Sydney has stated its support for Transport for NSW's Sydney City Centre Access Strategy and has already committed to work closely with the state government to jointly deliver the bus lanes, bus stops, taxi lanes and changes to parking required to implement the strategy and ensure these are coordinated with other planned works; and

(vii)     the City of Sydney's 'Central Sydney On-Street Parking Policy', reviewed and updated in November 2015, proposes a hierarchy for the allocation of kerbside space in central Sydney with delivery and service vehicles ranked as the second highest priority;

(B)      the Chief Executive Officer and the Lord Mayor be requested to write to Transport for NSW and the Minister for Transport requesting that, where practicable, off-street parking spaces for trade vehicles be included at the four main construction sites for the Martin Place and Pitt Street Metro stations as well as any other current or potential future construction sites under the jurisdiction of the State Government; and

(C)      for any future construction sites located within the CBD where the City of Sydney is the consent authority, the City will ensure, where practicable, that the Development Applications include conditions for an appropriate number of off-street parking spaces for trade vehicles for the purposes of easing day time on-street loading and service vehicle parking congestion.

Procedural Motion

Moved by Councillor Forster, seconded by the Chair (the Lord Mayor) –

That the motion be withdrawn.

Carried unanimously.