Powerhouse Museum

06/04/2020 - Powerhouse Museum

Moved by Councillor Scott, seconded by Councillor Scully –

It is resolved that:

(A)        Council strongly opposes the sale of the Powerhouse museum; and

(B)        the Chief Executive Officer be requested to prepare a response to the NSW Government’s heritage changes, advocating for the City’s heritage protections that are in place.

Variation. At the request of Councillor Thalis, and by consent, the motion was varied such that it read as follows –

It is resolved that:

(A)        Council reaffirm its strong opposition to plans to remove the Powerhouse Museum from its current Ultimo location, noting its continuing significance to the City of Sydney’s cultural, social, scientific, industrial and economic history and heritage and its vital contribution to the Ultimo-Pyrmont-Chippendale creativity and innovation precinct;

(B)        Council note that:

(i)          a 2019 New South Wales Parliamentary Inquiry found that the business case for the move of the Ultimo Powerhouse Museum to Parramatta is ‘inadequate’, and had recommended against the move, instead calling for major investment to restore the museum “to its former glory”;

(ii)         despite these findings and recommendation and the City’s and community’s opposition to the move, the NSW Government is proceeding with plans to relocate the museum with a design for the new museum being selected through an international design competition;

(iii)        the NSW Minister for the Arts remains committed to retaining the museum’s Ultimo site for cultural and creative purposes;

(iv)       despite this commitment, pressure continues for the site to be repurposed or redeveloped;

(C)       if the NSW Government continues with the museum’s relocation, Council:

(i)          strongly advocate for continued use of the Ultimo site for cultural and creative purposes; and

(ii)         strongly oppose repurposing of the site for other uses, sale of the site and unsympathetic, inappropriate development of all or part of the site; and

(D)       the Chief Executive Officer be requested to prepare a response in support of the NSW Government’s application to state heritage list the Ultimo Tramways Powerhouse.

The motion was carried on the following show of hands –

Ayes (8)          The Chair (the Lord Mayor), Councillors Kok, Miller, Phelps, Scott, Scully, Thalis and Vithoulkas

Noes (2)          Councillors Chung and Forster.

Motion carried.