Creation of a Shared Traffic Zone in Church Street, Paddington

20/09/2021 - Creation of a Shared Traffic Zone in Church Street, Paddington

The original motion was moved by Councillor Scott, seconded by Councillor Vithoulkas.

It is resolved that:

(A)      Council note:

(i)         shared Traffic Zones are roads or networks of roads with a speed limit of 10km/h where pedestrians and vehicles safely share road space. The implementation of these spaces has been proven to lower pedestrian injury and mortality from road accidents;

(ii)        the 2013 Sydney Streets Code outlines movement of people around streets and access to infrastructure and services as priorities for the City of Sydney in the design of streets;

(iii)      the 2013 Sydney Streets Code outlines the aim of Shared Traffic Zones as “creat[ing] a shared safe street corridor of movement for pedestrians and vehicles”, with design objectives that promote safety for pedestrians in these streets;

(iv)      residents on Church Street and surrounding streets have been advocating for Church Street to be made a shared zone since at least 2016;

(v)       at the December 2017 meeting of Council a petition of 43 signatures, representing all premises on Church Street, calling for Shared Zones within Church Street Paddington; and Continuous Footway Treatments provided at the entry and exit points of the proposed shared zone was tabled by Councillor Phillip Thalis and accepted unanimously by Council;

(vi)      the City has approved the provision of continuous footpath treatments in Church Street and Seymour Place at the intersection with South Dowling Street;

(vii)     the introduction of these treatments will give priority to pedestrians walking along South Dowling Street and improve accessibility and safety at these locations;

(viii)    on 29 July 2021, Will Mrongovius, the Convenor of the Paddington-Darlinghurst Community Working Group, wrote to Councillors requesting on behalf of local residents that a Shared Zone be installed on Church Street, Paddington;

(ix)      the City of Sydney classifies Church Street as a safe street. City staff undertook traffic counts in 2016 and 2020 recording that most drivers were travelling less than the posted speed limit;

(x)       the counts also recorded low traffic and pedestrian volumes using the street;

(xi)      the footpath at Church Street, Paddington, is 1.2 metres wide;

(xii)     the footpath at Church Street, Paddington, is in many sections obstructed by bins, trees, utility and parking poles and residential front steps; and

(xiii)    the footpath in Church Street, Paddington, is unusable for prams and wheelchairs; and

(B)      the Chief Executive Officer be requested to investigate design options to improve pedestrian amenity in Seymour Place and Church Street, Paddington.

The amended motion was carried unanimously.