#Firedup for Footy Finals

20/09/2021 - #Firedup for Footy Finals

Moved by Councillor Miller, seconded by Councillor Vithoulkas –

It is resolved that:

(A)      Council note:

(i)         the Covid-19 pandemic has meant that, for the first time, major sporting codes have either been unable to be played, have had to relocate and/or play to no spectators;

(ii)        in normal circumstances, Sydney would have seven NRL finals matches this season (the most of any year since 2014). There were nine AFL games played outside the state and thousands of community sporting games cancelled. As an example, more than 2,600 games of community AFL were cancelled due to Covid-19 this winter season across Sydney;

(iii)      the recent changes to Covid-19 restrictions meant that as of 13 September 2021, five fully vaccinated people are allowed to gather in outdoor settings socially-distanced from other groups of people;

(iv)      in the next month, there are upcoming Grand Finals for sporting codes that include:

(a)       AFL - the Melbourne Demons will face the Western Bulldogs in the 2021 AFL Grand Final on Saturday 25 September 2021 at 7:15pm AEST/5:15pm AWST. The Demons are trying to win their first AFL premiership in 57 years; and

(b)       NRL - this year's NRL Grand Final will take place on Sunday 3 October 2021, with the Finals teams yet to be determined. This is the second year that the NRL Grand Final has been played in Queensland due to the Covid-19 pandemic preventing the event being hosted in Sydney;

(v)       the negative mental and emotional toll that a prolonged lockdown has had on the people of Sydney - especially younger people and those living alone - and the value that feeling connected to others can have; and

(vi)      sport for many, offers a powerful opportunity to provide us with a sense of connection to one-another; and

(B)      the Chief Executive Officer be requested to:

(i)         in line with NSW Government Health Orders encourage our residents and businesses to celebrate ‘footy season’ by decorating their houses, streets and balconies in their team colours; and

(ii)        promote Covid-safe ways of barracking for your favourite AFL or NRL team via City of Sydney communication channels.

Carried unanimously.