Support for City of Sydney Residents Slashing their Emissions and Making a Rapid Transition to Green Power

27/06/2022 - Support for City of Sydney Residents Slashing their Emissions and Making a Rapid Transition to Green Power

Moved by Councillor Scott, seconded by Councillor Ellsmore –

It is resolved:

(A)      Council note:

(i)         currently global energy prices are going up resulting in increased economic strains for members of the global community;

(ii)        in July 2022, the Australian Energy Regulator approved price increases of up to 18 per cent in NSW resulting in residents facing even more economic strain post Covid-19;

(iii)      a switch to GreenPower within the City of Sydney could dramatically cut residents emissions and save them financially;

(iv)      choosing an accredited 100 per cent GreenPower electricity plan lets people support the growth of Australia’s renewable sector contributing positively to the City of Sydney’s efforts to address the impacts of climate change within the City;

(v)       addressing climate change extends beyond the parameters of simply installing solar panels on the roofs of homes, but can be achieved in other ways such as switching to 100 per cent GreenPower;

(vi)      GreenPower is a government-managed scheme that allows households to purchase certified renewable energy through their electricity retailers. This ensures the retailer is purchasing electricity sourced from renewable energy projects;

(vii)     the City of Sydney switched to 100 per cent renewable electricity in 2020 and has been carbon neutral since 2011. Now the responsibility also lays with the residents and businesses within the Local Government Area to help contribute positively to climate change;

(viii)    recently, the results of the GreenPower survey within the City of Sydney articulated that concerningly 33 per cent of residents did not know what the electricity plan was;

(ix)      the results of this survey also identify that 57 per cent, over half of residents would switch if they knew it was the best thing they could do for the environment;

(x)       the City’s GreenPower campaign was launched on 30 May 2022, in response to a Lord Mayoral Minute in August 2021. The campaign, which will run until November 2022, encourages residents and businesses to shop around using the Energy Made Easy government comparison site to find the best deal; and

(xi)      on 11 May 2022, the Lord Mayor wrote to councils across Sydney encouraging them to join the City’s campaign and offering to share our communication material. To date, 18 councils have asked us to support them to run their own campaign; and

(B)      the Chief Executive Officer be requested to continue with the City’s GreenPower campaign including by:

(i)         engaging local community organisations;

(ii)        monitoring social media sentiment; and

(iii)      looking for opportunities to support vulnerable community members to compare energy prices including GreenPower options.

The motion, as varied by consent was carried unanimously as part of an in globo motion.