Transport, Heritage, Environment and Planning Committee


The Transport, Heritage, Environment and Planning Committee deals with matters relating to:


(a)        Planning instruments, ie LEPs, DCPs, Policies

(b)        Transport and access initiatives and issues

(c)         Parking policy

(d)        Traffic and the Local Pedestrian, Cycling and Traffic Calming Committee

(e)        Referrals from other authorities for comment on any of the above matters

(f)          All applications for footway usage approvals

(g)        Environmental management and sustainability

(h)        Parks and open spaces

(i)          Street trees

(j)          Green roofs

(k)         Green lanes

(l)          Urban infrastructure, including roads, stormwater, drainage and footpaths

(m)       Swimming in the harbour

(n)        Street and footpath maintenance and cleaning

(o)        Graffiti removal

(p)        Waste and recycling

(q)        Street furniture

(r)          Street lighting and

(s)         Grants and sponsorships relating to the above